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They put everything on the frontpage these days

Indeed. Mediocre animation, lack of good sound effects and the worst of it all:

No fucking humor. I was seeing the score and the pic for your movie and it made me "hey, that sounds like oldschool NG humor, could be great!" and all you gave us is a piece of recycled bullshit that people under the age of 12 could POSSIBLE enjoy a tiny little bit. This is Newgrounds, you are supposed to push the boundaries of humor, not dwell in shallow waters which have been replaced by so much different puss over the years.

Weak, and pretty much worth- and effortless.

It's not great - it's pure genius!

Yes, this is most definitely excellent work! I like the drawings and the pig that lies on its back is a welcome change.

I could watch them get grinded for hours, but a little more gore would have been nice.

Nice job.

Haven't seen such a nice flash in a while

A really nice flash. Enjoyed it a lot, humor like this is pretty rare nowadays on Newgrounds, so this was very refreshing. The character design was great and funny as hell, the music fit, the storyline was simply but quite hilarious.

I have nothing bad to say about this one, very good job. Keep them coming!

boinky33 responds:

Thank you very much.

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Hehe, very nice my friend!

Haven't talked to you in ages! Great flash, I liked that there were so many clothes and accessories. Great work....maybe I should quit my lazyness and start with flash again....we will see :P


- Marc

alexsmolik responds:

Hehe, thanks, glad you rather liked it. Yeah, it's been a long time since we've talked... Since it's a dress-up, and there's not much to do than add clothes, I tried to make many items. Yeah, you should start flash again, because you're good at it. :)
Thanks for the review,

That was very good

I like the way you are going with this. I didn't rate the sound because I'm at school, in case you wonder.

Smooth graphics and fluid animation, I love the starcraft theme itself.

Hope you finish this.

Dark-Boy responds:

Thanks man,glad to see people are really taking to the over all feel of this game.I'm going to be working on mission 2 in a little.


Finally you completed it :) and it rocks. *adds to favourites* I loved it. Keep up the good work!

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Well Kidd, that is definitely the best stuff I've heard from you so far.

The production is truly sweet, what equipment did you use? Also, your singer sounds extremely similar to someone I know but I can't quite put my finger on it :/

Anyway, killer sound, professional presentation. Two thumbs up!

Kiddmeizter responds:

Thanks for the review! :D
We used the 'ol mic to amp on bass, Mic-ed the Drums, And Guitars and Vocals are line in With with the guitar, we also used some Amp Simulator program to make it sound less "Fake-ish"

About the singer sounding like someone you know,I can't quuuite figure it out either :/

Shows Potential

Man, you really have to work on that production job of yours, as it sounds very harsh, with all the clipping and hissing going on

The guitar itself is nice though and I hope you can develop this one into a decent song. The main riff sounds like a more melodic and rock-ish version of Nargaroth, I like that.

Keep working on it and make it longer and don't forget the mixing! :)

trike56dude responds:

yah my mic that i was recording with sucked. thanks for the reveiw!

Great vocals...

...but man, why can't you make them LOUDER? Since they really are professional sounding, why put 'em so low in the mix? That's a sin! The shouts/growls are good too, reminding me of a more tame Amon Amarth - and they are perfectly placed in the mix.

Great piano as well, really like the tone of it, as well as the playing. The guitar is a bit quiet too and could be a little clearer, but the riffs, while not overly technical are very fitting ands srong.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just nitpicking, it's very good overall and to me, it sounds like a mix of Tristania, Nightwish and a little Crematory.

Good work. Got a record deal yet?

neoblent2 responds:

Ha. I wish. Not many bands get recognition in AZ.

The mix had to be done quick so it was a little sketchy. Finished all five songs on our EP in three days total.

The guitar does get quiet at times and it's hard to hear his technicality, but it was good for what it is.

We are actually going to cover a nightwish song here pretty shortly. So keep checkin for that.

Thanks for the input. It always helps when people give positive critisism.

Since now, I name you under our cult.

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